who we are

Intelligent Capital is an entrepreneurship development organization founded with the belief that aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs need more than just financial capital to launch and scale their businesses. While securing early-stage investment can be an important catalyst for startups, we recognize that building sustainable businesses is a multifaceted endeavour

At Intelligent Capital, we connect the dots. We take an integrated approach to nurturing businesses which enables access to human capital, social capital, and intellectual capital as well as positioning them to access appropriate financial capital. In addition to working on initiative that directly support individual business leaders and young companies, we are committed to building a robust and dynamic ecosystem for African entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.


The Problem

Entrepreneurs require more than just financial capital to launch and call businesses

Weak coordination within the ecosystem leads to duplicated efforts and unfilled gaps

Our Guiding Assumptions

Equipped entrepreneurs
are well positioned to
launch and manage dynamic
high impact

A strong ecosystem
Will ensure a Coordinated
Access to talent,
financial capital and
other resources

Insights on attractive
sectors and market
opportunities will help
accelerate enterprise

what we do

Our work is centered around 4 pillars that we believe are the cornerstones of a thriving ecosystem and the foundation upon which sustainable businesses are built. It is not unusual to find within a developing economy that there are deficits within an ecosystem. In some cases these functions can be non-existent, capital deprived or disconnected equating to a fragmented and fragile ecosystem. In order to accelerate development, we recommend that you start with these key priority areas.

Intellectual Capital

Synthesize insights on high-growth sectors and consumer segments to identify attractive market opportunities and gaps

Social Capital

Strengthen ecosystem to establish relationships and networks between key players in the SME landscap

Financial Capital

Facilitate interactions with early-stage investors to expose entrepreneurs to funding requirements and fundraising process

Human Capital

Identify and develop entrepreneurs to leverage technical and management skills in an entrepreneurial context

our work

The team’s strength lies in the passion we have for the growth and development of the ecosystem. The companies below represent our clients, some of the various development agencies, universities, private institutions, hubs and startup’s that we render training and or advisory services to.



Intelligent Capital Testimonial Intelligent Capital Testimonial

“Just wanted to send a quick thank you to you both for holding the Investor Readiness workshop on Tuesday. The content was relevant and helpful, and I will definitely recommend you for other learning opportunities. Please keep me on the list for future workshops, I’d love to be involved!”


“Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we felt we needed to rely on a local partner to help reflect our blindspots in communication, strategy of entry, and which markets within the continent are most ripe and aligned for our investment criteria. I can’t imagine that we’d be as successful in deploying capital across the African continent had we not worked with Intelligent Capital; currently, 5 of our 8 portfolio companies are based in Africa.”

Anna Cable
Formerly the Business Development Lead for Gray Matters Capital’s coLABS.

Intelligent Capital Testimonial Intelligent Capital Testimonial

Leticia Browne has been providing consulting services as a Technical Advisors for Innovation and Private Sector Engagement to the SDGs Advisory Unit in the Office of the President since 2018. In that functional capacity, she has successfully led multiple initiatives that have become flagships for the Unit. Mention in particular is made of her leadership in conceptualising and organising the first-ever Africa Innovates for the SDGs, as well as and her sterling leadership of the Unit’s partnership with the private sector in Ghana.

Dr Eugene Owusu
Special Advisor to the President on SDG’s